Wooddene Sold

Nearly 3 years after the last resident left and the block was demolished, Southwark Council has finally managed to find a development partner to take on the Wooddene site on Queens Rd (which used to look like the photo below and is currently the big empty site between Carlton Grove and Meeting House Lane).

No info as yet on what exactly they plan to build there, but this is a big step forward and hopefully we will start seeing some plans very soon.

What I’m particularly hoping for is a proper active street front on Queens Rd, preferably with shops. As we’ve seen with Tescos at the station, a busy shop with lots of people around makes an area feel much safer.

I’d also want to see plenty of affordable housing to replace the homes which were lost and no silly mistakes like the offices on the end of Lugard Rd which have now been standing empty for years!

What do you want? Tell me in the comments…

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