Save Brayards Green

I’m disappointed to have to announce that Southwark Council has resurrected plans to build on Brayards Green. Local residents have made it clear time and again that the Green is important to us, it is not disused or underutilised space as the Council like to claim. Yet despite representations from myself and the Brayards Estate Tenants & Residents Association the LibDem and Tory councillors who run Southwark Council voted through a proposal to build flats and houses on the Cage, the garages on Firbank Rd and a chunk of the Green. Fortunately all is not lost, the plans still need to get planning permission and we’re launching a campaign to get as many residents as possible to object to the plans.

If you want to know more and help the campaign please join our Save Brayards Green Facebook Group where I’ll be posting regular updates and letting people know how they can lodge their objections.

If you live nearby you should have received a leaflet from us with a tear off petition slip so please send that back to me as well.

This is the part of the Green the Council wants to build on. They want to build a row of houses starting at the top of Stanbury Rd over the cage and onto the Green as far as the first alleyway through to Hollydale Rd.

A campaign a few years ago saw off these plans, but now they have reappeared we need to Save our Green all over again.

This picture below shows the cage and the section of the Green that the LibDem and Tory councillors on the Executive Committee have voted to build on. It’s not all of the Green, but it’s still too much. And if they get away with this what’s to stop them coming back next year to try and build on more of the Green? I’m trying to get the Green designated as a protected open space so that if we do manage to fight them off this time they won’t be able to try again!

If the plans go through many if not all of these trees will be felled.

The Council also plans to knock down and build a block on flats the garage site on Firbank Rd.

That could mean the loss of one or both of these trees too.

As well as myself, the campaign to Save the Green is supported by the Brayards Estate Tenant & Residents Association and my Labour colleagues Cllr Althea Smith and Sunil Chopra (pictured below).

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