New Nunhead Community Centre – Decision Day!

Today’s the big day for the Nunhead Community Centre campaign. After years of campaigning, firstly to get our old centre reopened and latterly for a new Centre, it looks like we will get official sign off from the council tonight.

Hidden deep within the Executive Committee report on its refreshed capital spending program is the proposal to spend £600k on building a new Nunhead Community Centre next to the Old Nun’s Head Pub (on the soon to be vacated Early Years Centre site).

The project is self funding as the Council plan to sell off the old site to developer and the centre will only take up a portion of the Early Years site, the rest of which they will also sell off.

It’s a compromise of course – in an ideal world with unlimited public funding we’d have liked to refurbish the old centre and have another public facility (perhaps a health centre?) on the site of the Early Year Centre, but in the real world money is tight and this is as much as the council was prepared to give.

So fingers crossed that everything runs to plan tonight then we can start on our next steps to make some bids for match funding (so we could have a bigger, better and greener centre) and start working with the council on designing our new centre!

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