Aylesbury Transformations

On Thursday I was delighted to help launch the Aylesbury Transformations project.

Aylesbury estate is changing for the better; in the past three years, plenty has already happened to begin to change the grey exterior of one of the most famous housing estates in the country.

This week brand new hoardings have been erected to mark the start of work on the second area of the estate to be demolished and rebuilt. 1-59 Wolverton will become Harvard Gardens developed by London &Quadrant housing association, with have 147 high quality homes for people on a range of incomes, 49 of which will be available for social rent and 27 for shared ownership.

Residents have been hard at work decorating the hoardings with unconventional artwork. The Creation Trust has worked with residents of the Aylesbury estate to re-create famous works of art that are now displayed on hoardings as building work commences; 22 residents volunteered to spend the day becoming iconic works of art, from Rembrandt to Warhol and Magritte to Gilbert and George.

The regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate is now really making great progress. The first phase is already starting to bring a brand new lease of life into Walworth and I’m delighted that we are now able to start developing the next area of the estate.

Southwark Council is working hand in hand with the local community and to me these fantastic hoardings symbolise that the regeneration is about transforming the lives of Aylesbury Estate residents as well as transforming the built environment.

The continuous programme of construction requires the re-housing process to also continue apace. The next phase of development will be where Bradenham, Arklow, Chiltern and Chartridge are currently located, off Portland Street and Albany Road, in this area 430 of 489 tenants have been re-housed with 59 remaining; 43 of 74 leased properties have been purchased with 31 remaining, of which 17 are occupied.

The council plans to start re-housing residents in the following phase in spring 2014, this will be the area to the east of Thurlow Street.

The council is currently nearing the end of a procurement process to select a development partner for these phases and the remainder of the development, the new partner will be selected and announced in early 2014.


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